TANSO references some projects such as dom4j and log4j. These projects, as well as their functions in TANSO, their licenses and their home pages are listed as follows:

dom4j: XML processing.
log4j: Log utility.
commons-net-ftp-2.0: Apache Commons, FTP client support.
commons-cli-1.2: Apache Commons, Command Line Parser.
commons-logging-1.1.1: Apache Commons, Log util (used by Apache VFS).
commons-vfs-1.0: Apache Commons, File System monitor (used by hot-deploy/swap module).
gson-1.3: Implementation for JSON.
paw: Implementation for HTTP proxy.
Apache FtpServer: FTP server (can run standalone or be embed).
Tomcat6: Web application container.
Geronimo: J2EE environment with web container.
struts: Java web application framework.